Have you tried weight loss groups, fad diets, even intense workouts and still nothing seems to work?

There are so many questions people have when it comes to the struggle of losing weight:


  • Am I even eating the right foods for weight loss?

  • What type of exercise and how much do I need to get the body I want?

  • Can I lose weight with all this stress in my life?

The latest information can be conflicting and confusing when trying to identify what’s true when it comes to weight loss.  How do you know whose voice you can trust?

Losing weight in a healthy way can seem like a confusing and impossible hill to climb.   We understand.   Many people who try to lose weight feel judged, overlooked, and unheard by trainers, ‘experts’, and doctors.   Losing weight safely and responsibly starts with knowing what works and how you can have success.

Is medical weight loss right for you?

At Healthful Life MD our team specializes in medical weight loss that is safe and proven.  We created this free resource Dr. Abby’s Action Plan for Healthy Living – The Truth Behind Obesity, Diets, Exercise, and Medical Weight Loss to give you the facts and insight behind medical weight loss.  This valuable guide contains detailed information on nutrition, dieting, exercise, misconceptions about weight gain, and why medical weight loss is the most responsible way to lose extra weight to live a  healthy and balanced life.

Dr. Abby’s Action Plan for Healthy Living – The Truth Behind Obesity, Diets, Exercise, and Medical Weight Loss by Dr. Abby Bleistein, founder, and lead physician of Healthful Life MD.  Dr. Abby believes the causes of weight gain and obesity are unique and personal to each of us.  Her exceptional insight includes proven strategies and tactics for your weight loss success.

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“This guide contains the EXACT information I’ve been searching for!  Dr. Abby answered all my questions and quieted my doubts in this one document!”
Simon P.

Broomfield, CO

“I am really eager to find out more about Dr. Abby and Healthful Life MD; if they give me this much insight and information in a free document, I can imagine how informed and supported I will feel getting 1:1 support from them!”
Danna C.

Golden, CO

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Dr. Abby Bleistein is the founder and lead physician for Healthful Life MD.  She is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obesity Medicine.  Dr. Abby, as her patients fondly call her, is a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  She practiced primary care for 14 years, treating patients of all ages to improve their health.


She learned that helping people the most occurred when she could focus more time to understand their unique challenges.  This inspired Dr. Abby to start Healthful Life MD – to give more time to partner with her patients to formulate individual solutions that work for them, and to surround them with a team to support their long-term goals.


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