Live with meaning and balance through medical weight loss.

Are you ready to change your life for good?

Healthful Life MD provides patients a personalized, one-on-one approach to weight loss that is comprehensive, customized and compassionate. Dr. Abby Bleistein MD, board certified in obesity medicine, is supported by a team of specialists in food preparation, nutrition, behavioral psychology and personal training to help men and women 40+ lose weight, take back their lives and live a balanced life free of medications and limitations. We offer 12 & 15 week programs and on-going support if needed.

Our Program Can Help If You:

Have Gained Weight Due to Stress from Travel, Work, On the Go Meals, or Family.

Have Gained and Lost Weight Many Times

Tried Group Weight Loss Programs AND Do Not Want To Do That Again

Are Tired of Not Living The Life You Deserve and Want A Program That is Sustainable

Benefits of Healthful Life MD’s Approach
Include But Are Not Limited To:

More energy to enjoy a more active lifestyle

Reduce health risks and alleviation and prevention of high blood pressure,
heart disease, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancer

Improved Sex Life

Increased Confidence

Saving Money on Health Care & Prescriptions

How Healthful Life MD is Different

  • In addition to program monitoring and guidance from Doctor Abby Bleistein, we have a chef, nutritionist, dietician, psychologist and personal trainer.
  • We spend quality time with each patient. Unlike most doctors in insurance based settings, we are dedicated to understanding your goals and this means understanding your body composition, medical history, nutritional needs, and lifestyle constraints.
  • We don’t prescribe expensive treatments, medication or products.
  • Our team meets regularly to discuss individual patient plans and monitors progress at every stage.

"Dr. Abby has been my Physician for the past three years. I had little success previously with weight loss, and at 71 years of age was skeptical whether it was even possible. I lost 50 pounds under her care. I attribute this to Dr. Abby’s continued positive feedback and patience that prodded me on. I highly recommend Dr. Abby."

~ Joanne S.

"After two babies back to back, my body was struggling to lose weight. Dr. Abby was able to help me get the weight program I needed to adjust my body to finally start letting it go. Though it has been a tough battle, she encouraged me and was supportive to all my needs."

~ Kiara K.

"Dr. Abby is a highly empathetic physician. With this empathy, she remained honest and direct with me on how I was going to reach my health goals. I always felt comfortable with her and never felt judged; she always met me where I was at."

~ Aline Melchuna

"Dr. Abby makes sure to develop a personal relationship with you. I felt completely supported throughout my whole journey and to this day I feel like Dr. Abby is someone who I can reach out to and ask for support."

~ Jeff Lupear

"Anyone can diet for at least a week or two, but to change your whole dietary lifestyle is a totally different matter! If Dr. Abby Bleistein had not been as positive and encouraging as she was, I may not have made it. With the coaching and educational tid-bits I received at each visit, I lost 43 pounds in a little less than 6 months."

~ Deb B.

"I’ve worked with Abby for years. She’s smart, extremely caring, and gets results. I can’t think of anyone better to partner with for a life change."

~ Jeff Richker, MD, Pediatrician

Is medical weight loss right for you?

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