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Dr. Abby Bleistein, Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Abby Bleistein
Owner, Healthful Life MD

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Whether you want to improve what you eat or looking for a total reset, we offer support three phases:


Active Weight Loss Phase

  1. Medical Assessment by a physician to determine current state of health and specific medical issues to be addressed within program–may include prescribing medications such as appetite suppressants or medications to inhibit cravings to assist with weight loss and nutritional change
  2. Nutritional assessment by a registered dietician–assess food allergies and preferences, challenges, and specialized nutritional needs.
  3. Program choice–deciding on rate of weight loss desired, whether prefer food or meal replacements or combination.
  4. Regular private meetings with nutritionist to monitor progress and help with challenges.
  5. Follow up with physician to monitor health, adjust medications, adjust support as needed.
  6. Fitness assessment and structuring of individual exercise program.
  7. Regular follow up with trainer, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, to advance fitness goals.
  8. Culinary education–6 hands on cooking classes over 12 weeks to learn to make healthful and delicious meals, fast for a busy lifestyle.
  9. Behavioral assessment and support for specific needs.

Transitional Phase

  1. Transition from calorie and nutritional program for weight loss to one of weight maintenance for lifelong nutritional health.

Maintenance Phase

  1. Continued follow up to support maintenance of weight loss and health. Added support when needed to continue maintenance .
  2. People who are able to maintain their weight loss for 2 years, usually will keep it off for life. We will be present for that journey to be certain you are successful.

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