For some people, full meal replacement is the right choice. When we look at the data, full-meal replacement not only jumpstarts patients’ weight loss, it also improves weight maintenance outcomes. A recent study compared weight loss results and weight maintenance between a whole food nutrition plan and a full-meal replacement program (Nutr J. 2010 Mar 11;9:11. doi: 10.1186/1475-2891-9-11). The group on the full-meal replacement program lost more weight overall on the 16-week program, almost twice as much. Also, a significant number of the full-meal replacement program participants kept the weight off at 40 weeks!

Meal replacement works for several reasons:

We are not very good at estimating or recalling what and how much we are eating. 

One study that looked at this showed that our impression of what we eat is very inaccurate: We often don’t realize when and how significantly we may be going off our planned program.

Meal replacement offers stimuli narrowing which has several benefits.

·      People actually eat less when they have fewer choices

·      When a person eats the same foods all the time, they become less hungry and are more easily satisfied by those foods

Meal replacements are portion-controlled

More importantly, they are nutritionally precise – they provide the exact nutrition needed to keep you healthy.

Meal replacements simplify planning. They provide a good option for anyone who needs a nutritious alternative on the go. 

Meal replacements provide consistent meal spacing.