“I have tried Jenny Craig, Whole 30, delivered food and I lost some weight, but it never stayed off.  I looked around and contacted a few companies but all of them were cold and formal.  When I called Healthful Life MD, I got to actually talk to Dr. Abby!  Not a receptionist, not a nurse but Dr. Abby.  She spent a lot of time talking to me answering my questions and gave me great information that I never even thought about asking.  I felt like she truly cared about me.

On my first visit with Dr. Abby, I spent a lot longer with her then I thought I would.  She wanted to know about ME!  I was so surprised on how much she cares and it’s just not about my wallet.  I have met very few doctors that care as much about her patients as she does.  When I talk to Dr. Abby, I am talking to a real person and I never feel like I am just being processed through a system.

Dr. Abby and her program have everything set up for you to succeed.  You get to work with incredible people.  Priscilla works with you for physical training and she understands what your body is going through.  She understands pain and being overwhelmed and she knows when and how to push you through this.  Liz is also great to work with, she will teach you how to feed yourself healthy food.  She has so many tricks in her bag to help you make the leap back to real food and how to keep the weight off.

I had some knee problems which made working out difficult and I was losing weight but not progressing in my fitness.  Priscilla helped me find out who to see about my knee issues and helped me get my leg stronger to prepare for the surgery that I ultimately had to have.  Since then, I have had a total knee replacement and am progressing forward in my physical therapy at a fairly quick pace and I feel this is due to the time I spent preparing for the surgery with Priscilla.  I am anxious to work with the team again and get back in the program to lose the rest of my weight.

I am proud of myself!  I have lost 80 lbs. before my surgery.  I now look at labels and stay away from processed foods.  I shop the outside of the grocery store.  I am still learning how to sort out my meals and portions and I am much more aware of when I am just sitting around, and I know I need to get up and get my body moving!  I have more energy than I have had for years!  I have the support I need to make this happen and keep it happening.

Healthful Life MD has helped me lose weight, but to also start to find myself.  I have beaten down my depression.  I have found confidence I have not felt in a long, long time.  I have made friends!  Your support is so powerful, please know how you touch each and every person you work with.”