Medical Weight Loss Success Stories

Shawn O.

“I went to my former doctor and he recommended I lose some weight and try Weight Watchers. I’m not a group person, so I couldn’t see myself in a room of people talking about weight problems in front of everyone, weighing in while everyone watches, all that.

I looked online and didn’t really find what I was looking for until I came across the Healthful Life MD site. At first I was more looking for a place close to where I live in the mountains. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with the time and price commitment, but I decided to give it a try. I didn’t really think I needed much support, maybe to watch what I ate a little more.

It was great to talk with Dr. Abby. Her overall attitude, personality, everything about her showed me she accepted me with kindness and understanding. It’s obvious she could offer support, so I let down my guard and she showed me what I didn’t realize.

I wasn’t aware how much medicine for weight loss had changed. I thought it was the same old amphetamine-based script I had previously heard about. Dr. Abby was up to date with the meds I was taking that weren’t helping me lose weight.

I love how she explains things to me and the results are amazing. I’m no longer taking two of my four hypertension meds and I’m able to be active again. The staff at Healthful Life MD offered me great support and held me accountable. Dr. Abby responded to my questions quickly and followed up with me. The trainer and nutritionist also went out of their way to help me.

Since I started with Healthful Life, I’ve lost over 70 pounds. It wasn’t as difficult as other things I had tried, especially on my own. The program was absolutely worth the money, which seemed like a lot at the beginning, but not after experiencing the level of service they provide and the results achieved!

I hadn’t been able to do much of anything because of so much inflammation due to the extra weight. The team helped me realize the inflammation was actually due to nutrition. Within a couple weeks of changing my diet, my inflammation went away and I was shocked how much it went down. Within two months I was mountain biking every weekend because that’s the whole point of moving to Colorado in the first place.

I’ve already referred several friends to Dr. Abby because I feel so comfortable with my experience. Thank you, Dr. Abby and Healthful Life!”



Jen B.

“Before starting with Healthful Life, I tried a variety of approaches, including Herbalife, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, even different nutrition systems that felt high-pressure and not a good fit for me.

I found Dr. Abby and Healthful Life MD through an ad for OptiFast. Dr. Abby was so down to earth and calm, with no high-pressure sales pitch. She worked with me to explore how medical weight loss could work for me as a whole person.

I love the discussions I have with Dr. Abby every couple weeks. She is fabulous! We talk about whatever is coming up and she meets me where I’m at when it comes to my goals and my progress. She helped create a bridge between my stomach and my head. The entire team at Healthful Life helped me improve my thinking and push me to be who I knew I could be.

Dr. Abby helps me address all the areas of my health so we can know exactly where I’m at and what to do to give me the best possible help. I know I’m in a much better place with every part of my life because of Dr. Abby and Healthful Life!”

Steve D.

I connected with Dr. Abby because I was looking for a doctor who understands OptiFast. I tried different lifestyle changes, diet recommendations, cooking directions, and eating other foods over the years, but it wasn’t for me.

I appreciate how Healthful Life MD and Dr. Abby give me a ‘gentle nudge in the direction of right behavior’. It was an easy decision once I walked in and met with the team. I also appreciated the different options to consider for working with Healthful Life. They genuinely care about me as a patient and helping me get the results I want.

It worked exactly the way Dr. Abby said it would. My work with Liz and Jason focused on common sense approaches to my situation and what my potential struggles might be. Liz made some great suggestions that were realistic for me to meet. Jason helped me find a training regimen that incorporated some stretching into my routine.

I know I needed supervision and support as I went full-bore for a relatively short period of time and lost 35 pounds. Dr. Abby helped me lower my blood pressure and worked with my regular doctor. Dr. Abby and Healthful Life is worth the money, so if you’re serious about taking control of your health, Healthful Life is your answer.”