Medical Weight Loss Success Stories

Susan R.

“I have tried Jenny Craig, Whole 30, delivered food and I lost some weight, but it never stayed off.  I looked around and contacted a few companies but all of them were cold and formal.  When I called Healthful Life MD, I got to actually talk to Dr. Abby!  Not a receptionist, not a nurse but Dr. Abby.  She spent a lot of time talking to me answering my questions and gave me great information that I never even thought about asking.  I felt like she truly cared about me.


On my first visit with Dr. Abby, I spent a lot longer with her then I thought I would.  She wanted to know about ME!  I was so surprised on how much she cares and it’s just not about my wallet.  I have met very few doctors that care as much about her patients as she does.  When I talk to Dr. Abby, I am talking to a real person and I never feel like I am just being processed through a system.


Dr. Abby and her program have everything set up for you to succeed.  You get to work with incredible people.  Priscilla works with you for physical training and she understands what your body is going through.  She understands pain and being overwhelmed and she knows when and how to push you through this.  Liz is also great to work with, she will teach you how to feed yourself healthy food.  She has so many tricks in her bag to help you make the leap back to real food and how to keep the weight off.


I had some knee problems which made working out difficult and I was losing weight but not progressing in my fitness.  Priscilla helped me find out who to see about my knee issues and helped me get my leg stronger to prepare for the surgery that I ultimately had to have.  Since then, I have had a total knee replacement and am progressing forward in my physical therapy at a fairly quick pace and I feel this is due to the time I spent preparing for the surgery with Priscilla.  I am anxious to work with the team again and get back in the program to lose the rest of my weight.


I am proud of myself!  I have lost 80 lbs. before my surgery.  I now look at labels and stay away from processed foods.  I shop the outside of the grocery store.  I am still learning how to sort out my meals and portions and I am much more aware of when I am just sitting around, and I know I need to get up and get my body moving!  I have more energy than I have had for years!  I have the support I need to make this happen and keep it happening.


Healthful Life MD has helped me lose weight, but to also start to find myself.  I have beaten down my depression.  I have found confidence I have not felt in a long, long time.  I have made friends!  Your support is so powerful, please know how you touch each and every person you work with.”


Defining Success with Jeanne K.

I recently had a follow up appointment with Jeanne after she had been traveling for quite some time.  She was awarded a contract which essentially was her dream job.   The work was an exciting, values driven project that offered her the opportunity to work with very talented, innovative, and inspirational people.  The project, however, was on a tight timeline and involved a great deal of travel and time away from home, and very long days—up to 18 hours on some days.  She was thrilled for opportunity, but also knew it would be a lot of work and a lot of stress.

Prior to starting the project, we talked about the best way to manage her self-care, nutrition, and fitness plan during this time.  She knew losing weight would be challenging, not only with the long days and difficult schedule, but also knowing she would be forced to eat out frequently because she was on the road and had many business meals.  We planned how to fit in exercise, meditation, getting adequate sleep, and eating healthy when eating out.  We worked out how she would best manage her nutrition under the circumstances.  Her goal was to maintain her weight during this time.

When I saw her back, she was able to maintain her weight!  She noted that the period was even more stressful than she anticipated, and the long days even longer than she thought.  She was unable to exercise most of the time that she was on the road because her work days went from 6 o’clock am until late into the night and began early the next day.   When she was home, however, she got back into her exercise routine, and was able to go back to her healthy eating plan prior to leaving again for another long stint away.

Losing weight during this time would be an unrealistic goal, and would likely add more stress to an already stressful time.  Setting a goal of maintaining as much self-care as possible and eating as healthy as possible helped her to keep on track and keep positive.  She might have gotten into a rut of negative self-talk and disappointment, but instead, she was able to reset her priorities to fit the situation at hand.  She could celebrate and enjoy the project, stay healthy, and put her weight loss on hold until the timing made better sense.  She might have gone completely off track and gained a lot of weight during this period.  Instead, she ate in a healthy way that supported the long days and hard work, and she maintained the weight loss she already achieved.

Sometimes as we assess our wellness, we have to shift priorities.  During the Holidays, for example, our priority may have been connection with family and friends.  Connection often means travel, meals out, and foods that are not our usual and may not be as healthy.   We are on someone else’s schedule and may not be able to exercise regularly, like we usually do.  We must, for a period, shift our priorities, and know that we will get back on track when we can shift our priorities again.  The measure of success in this case is making those connections that mean so much to our emotional health and well-being.

For Jeanne, this project became the priority, so she maintained as healthy an eating, sleeping, and fitness plan as she could, but the work took center stage.  The work she did on this project will have lasting impact and is a reflection her energy and passion.  Now she is ready and excited to shift back to focusing on weight loss.

What a great success story!

Walt K.

“From the time I graduated college and joined the work force, I had put on weight slowly and steadily.  I was never too concerned about this, until it got to the point where I was on blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication and my blood sugar was classified as pre-diabetic.  I suffered from sleep apnea and could not breathe lying down without the aid of a CPAP machine, and was using arch supports in my shoes.  When I went through a stressful period in my career, my weight shot up to nearly 300 pounds.  At that point, I could barely climb on and off my boat when it was on the trailer.  I could no longer ski, and fishing was difficult. I had tried many times to do something about my weight, but everything worked for a short period of time and then stopped working and rebounded.  I felt that I was too busy and under too much stress to summon the time, energy and attention to put on my weight.

After I changed careers and found a job I really loved, I decided that the time was right to do something about my weight, for health reasons.  I wanted to be able to enjoy doing things and be able to accomplish simple chores around the house without pain and difficulties.  Most of all, I wanted to be able to sleep without the use of a machine.  I made some attempts to do this on my own, but after a few such attempts, one of which had limited success, I was quite sure that I could not do it without professional help.  I was too easily distracted and discouraged.  But I was also convinced that, even though it would cost a significant amount of money, getting down to my ideal weight was the best thing I could possibly do for my health and for my life.  At this point I went to Dr. Abby, and I made it my Lenten resolution to follow her program to the letter.  I followed through on my resolution with the help of Dr. Abby’s team, and I lost more than 45 pounds.

I am now within 15 pounds of my goal, and I feel 100% better.  I can easily climb on and off of my boat.  I can get down on my knees to pick up something that rolls under the furniture without pain or difficulty.  I can bend over to tie my shoes without being unable to breath.  I can even sleep for short periods lying down without using my CPAP machine and without any snoring.  I am not taking any cholesterol medication, and my blood pressure medicine is down to 10 mg of lisinopril from 40 mg before Dr. Abby’s program.  For months, friends have been coming up to me in all sorts of situations and saying, “I hardly recognized you!  You look great!”  This has continued much longer than I would have expected, but I never get tired of hearing these compliments.  People in my family tell me I look just like my grandfather Klein, who was a surveyor and out in the field all the time and continued to undertake construction projects and outdoor activities throughout his life.  I have the greatest admiration for my grandfather.  I would say he was a hero of mine, and hearing that I look just like him now that I am the age he was when I was young is perhaps the most deeply gratifying compliment I have received.”



Shawn O.

“I went to my former doctor and he recommended I lose some weight and try Weight Watchers. I’m not a group person, so I couldn’t see myself in a room of people talking about weight problems in front of everyone, weighing in while everyone watches, all that.

I looked online and didn’t really find what I was looking for until I came across the Healthful Life MD site. At first I was more looking for a place close to where I live in the mountains. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with the time and price commitment, but I decided to give it a try. I didn’t really think I needed much support, maybe to watch what I ate a little more.

It was great to talk with Dr. Abby. Her overall attitude, personality, everything about her showed me she accepted me with kindness and understanding. It’s obvious she could offer support, so I let down my guard and she showed me what I didn’t realize.

I wasn’t aware how much medicine for weight loss had changed. I thought it was the same old amphetamine-based script I had previously heard about. Dr. Abby was up to date with the meds I was taking that weren’t helping me lose weight.

I love how she explains things to me and the results are amazing. I’m no longer taking two of my four hypertension meds and I’m able to be active again. The staff at Healthful Life MD offered me great support and held me accountable. Dr. Abby responded to my questions quickly and followed up with me. The trainer and nutritionist also went out of their way to help me.

Since I started with Healthful Life, I’ve lost over 70 pounds. It wasn’t as difficult as other things I had tried, especially on my own. The program was absolutely worth the money, which seemed like a lot at the beginning, but not after experiencing the level of service they provide and the results achieved!

I hadn’t been able to do much of anything because of so much inflammation due to the extra weight. The team helped me realize the inflammation was actually due to nutrition. Within a couple weeks of changing my diet, my inflammation went away and I was shocked how much it went down. Within two months I was mountain biking every weekend because that’s the whole point of moving to Colorado in the first place.

I’ve already referred several friends to Dr. Abby because I feel so comfortable with my experience. Thank you, Dr. Abby and Healthful Life!”



 Jen B.

“Before starting with Healthful Life, I tried a variety of approaches, including Herbalife, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, even different nutrition systems that felt high-pressure and not a good fit for me.

I found Dr. Abby and Healthful Life MD through an ad for OptiFast. Dr. Abby was so down to earth and calm, with no high-pressure sales pitch. She worked with me to explore how medical weight loss could work for me as a whole person.

I love the discussions I have with Dr. Abby every couple weeks. She is fabulous! We talk about whatever is coming up and she meets me where I’m at when it comes to my goals and my progress. She helped create a bridge between my stomach and my head. The entire team at Healthful Life helped me improve my thinking and push me to be who I knew I could be.

Dr. Abby helps me address all the areas of my health so we can know exactly where I’m at and what to do to give me the best possible help. I know I’m in a much better place with every part of my life because of Dr. Abby and Healthful Life!”

 Steve D.

I connected with Dr. Abby because I was looking for a doctor who understands OptiFast. I tried different lifestyle changes, diet recommendations, cooking directions, and eating other foods over the years, but it wasn’t for me.

I appreciate how Healthful Life MD and Dr. Abby give me a ‘gentle nudge in the direction of right behavior’. It was an easy decision once I walked in and met with the team. I also appreciated the different options to consider for working with Healthful Life. They genuinely care about me as a patient and helping me get the results I want.

It worked exactly the way Dr. Abby said it would. My work with Liz and Jason focused on common sense approaches to my situation and what my potential struggles might be. Liz made some great suggestions that were realistic for me to meet. Jason helped me find a training regimen that incorporated some stretching into my routine.

I know I needed supervision and support as I went full-bore for a relatively short period of time and lost 35 pounds. Dr. Abby helped me lower my blood pressure and worked with my regular doctor. Dr. Abby and Healthful Life is worth the money, so if you’re serious about taking control of your health, Healthful Life is your answer.”