“I connected with Dr. Abby because I was looking for a doctor who understands OptiFast. I tried different lifestyle changes, diet recommendations, cooking directions, and eating other foods over the years, but it wasn’t for me.

I appreciate how Healthful Life MD and Dr. Abby give me a ‘gentle nudge in the direction of right behavior’. It was an easy decision once I walked in and met with the team. I also appreciated the different options to consider for working with Healthful Life. They genuinely care about me as a patient and helping me get the results I want.

It worked exactly the way Dr. Abby said it would. My work with Liz and Jason focused on common sense approaches to my situation and what my potential struggles might be. Liz made some great suggestions that were realistic for me to meet. Jason helped me find a training regimen that incorporated some stretching into my routine.

I know I needed supervision and support as I went full-bore for a relatively short period of time and lost 35 pounds. Dr. Abby helped me lower my blood pressure and worked with my regular doctor. Dr. Abby and Healthful Life is worth the money, so if you’re serious about taking control of your health, Healthful Life is your answer.”