Get Started With Healthful Life MD

Are You Ready to Change Your Life for Good?

The first step in your medical weight loss journey is to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary, compassionate call with Dr. Abby Bleistein. This call is a great way for you and Dr. Abby to get acquainted, discuss your goals, and start your medical weight loss journey with our team.


Free Phone Consultation With Dr. Abby Bleistein

Your complimentary 30-minute phone consultation is the starting point for your medical weight loss journey.  We talk through your previous experience, family history, and what you’ve tried in the past.  We then focus on your desires, goals, and expectations to help you get healthy through our Healthful Life MD medical weight loss program.

We also share about our Healthful Life medical weight loss program and what end results are possible.  You’re invited to ask questions, share concerns, and see if our program is a good fit for your needs.


New Patient Appointment

If you’re ready to sign up with Healthful Life MD, the next step is scheduling your New Patient Appointment:

  • Time Frame: 90 minutes

This one-on-one comprehensive appointment includes:

  • Review of your Medical and Nutritional History
  • Medical Physical Exam by our physician
  • Assessment of all current medications and medical conditions
  • Development of your individualized program based on personal preferences, medical history, needs, and goals, including a discussion of appropriate anti-obesity medications if indicated and desired
  • Select referrals for labs and other studies indicated by your history
  • Care coordination with your current primary care physician and other specialists currently involved in your care
  • Referral to other HLM specialists who you will be working with on your medical weight loss journey


Follow-up Appointment

Follow-up appointments are reserved for patients currently enrolled in the Active Weight Loss, Transitional, or Maintenance phases of the Healthful Life Medical Weight Loss program. If you are a current enrollee, please use the following link to schedule your next appointment.