Our Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Our Concierge-Style Approach to Medical Weight Loss

Healthful Life MD does not currently accept major medical insurance to cover patient care. You may wonder, “Why don’t you take insurance?”

Unfortunately, weight loss is a poorly covered service, if covered at all, by insurance. Most major medical insurance policies do not include specialists, such as the registered dietitians, certified nutritionists, and trainers who make Healthful Life MD work to create long-lasting solutions for our patients.

In a fee-for-service model, we can provide our patients with personalized attention. We don’t need to over-book visits to cover costs, which means we can focus on giving patients the highest quality of care and service throughout their journey. People deserve a physician who:

  • Is present with them for more than the average amount of time
  • Takes the time to listen and understand their needs and their particular situation
  • Helps them understand the science of disease and wellness
  • Coordinates their care with the other physicians with whom they are working

We love the freedom this provides us to spend ample time with our patients. We can focus on capturing all the essential details of a specific patient’s care needs, optimize preventive care, and suggest treatment changes that improve everyday life for our patients beyond weight loss.

Why Our Concierge-Style Approach to Medical Weight Loss Works

We believe a “one size fits all” to medical weight loss misses much of the opportunity to produce lasting results. You deserve a personalized experience. Our comprehensive approach to medical weight loss allows you to listen to different perspectives from various areas of expertise focused on a comprehensive medical weight loss solution.

You also benefit from the accountability and support from a team who embodies the values of Healthful Life MD. Every visit and interaction is our opportunity for our team to be on the same page while providing you optimal care.

How Healthful Life MD Helps Patients Through Medical Weight Loss Solutions

We believe the wisdom of many can often solve the problems of one, which is why we embrace a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to our patient care. All of our Healthful Life MD team members work as a cohesive health care unit to ensure you receive the best possible care.

We combine the leadership of Dr. Abby Bleistein as our medical doctor with the insight of other carefully vetted medical, nutritional, and fitness practitioners. Our medical weight loss solutions include a combination of diet, nutrition, personal training, and other disciplines. We regularly consult as a team to discuss every patient’s care and adjust care as needed to best meet your end goals.