Kids Challenge Program

What is the Kids Challenge Program?

The challenge program is the Child and Adolescent Life-Long Exercise and Nutrition Group (ChALLENGe).

Our goal is to help children who carry extra weight and their families work together to develop the life-long health and fitness habits.

Our Program is Unique! 

The Challenge Program is:

  • Designed specifically for kids aged 10 – 18 years old.
  • Meant for both kids and their families.
  • A 12-Week in-depth course.
  • Follow up with physician to monitor health, adjust medications, adjust support as needed.

Our Team of Specialists

These Specialists Will Be Working With You and Your Child to Learn Habits of Life-Long Wellness:

  • Pediatrician specializing in obesity medicine will assess your child’s health and monitor their progress.
  • Fitness Expert leads sessions for strength, mobility and agility training.
  • Registered Dietitians and a Certified Nutritionist will provide personal nutrition coaching.
  • Health Psychologist will teach strategies and skills to improve and maintain health habits for life.
  • Chefs from Johnson and Wales will lead hands-on cooking classes for the entire family to teach them to prepare healthful, delicious meals quickly.

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