The Three Phases of Medical Weight Loss

Our approach to personalized medical weight loss
can be segmented into three distinct phases.

Phase I | Active Weight Loss

  1. We start with a Medical Assessment by one of our board-certified physicians to determine your current state of health and specific medical issues we need to address within your program. We may recommend prescribing specific medications, such as appetite suppressants or medications to inhibit cravings to assist with weight loss and nutritional change.
  2. We then walk you through a Nutritional Assessment with our Registered Dietician. We help you assess food allergies and preferences, challenges, and specialized nutritional needs.
  3. Next, you choose your program choice. This can be based on what rate you wish to lose weight, whether you prefer certain food or meal replacements, or combination of both solutions.
  4. We schedule regular one-on-one personalized meetings with your nutritionist to monitor progress and help you with challenges.
  5. You follow up with one of our physicians to monitor health, adjust medications, and evaluate your support needs to ensure you receive the right level of attention and care.
  6. We help you undergo a Fitness Assessment and structure your exercise program to fit your individual interests and needs.
  7. You schedule regular follow-up with a trainer, who  is a certified Personal Trainer by the International Sports and Science Association, including specializing in Exercise Therapy, to advance your fitness goals.
  8. We invite you to experience our personal culinary education program through private in-home cooking classes and meal prep instruction with our chef.
  9. The initial program includes a behavioral assessment with one of our psychologists to explore motivation and get you off to a great start in the program. You may choose to continue working with the psychologist to disrupt patterns of stress or emotional eating, binge eating, or to work on sleep problems, depression or anxiety, or managing chronic illness.

Phase II | Transitional

We help you transition from calorie and nutritional program for weight loss to a weight maintenance approach for lifelong nutritional health.

Phase III | Maintenance and Enjoying the Lifestyle You Desire

We provide continued follow-up to support you in maintaining your weight loss and health. Research shows that people who are able to maintain their weight loss for at least two years will usually will keep it off for life. We will be present for that journey to be certain you are successful.