We believe Medical Weight Loss is a Personal
Response to the Epidemic of Obesity

Obesity in the United States continues to affect people of all ages.  Even though Colorado is one of the healthiest states per capita, many of us know loved ones who are affected by this condition:

  • 20.2% of adults in Colorado are obese (BMI>30)
  • 24.1% of adults 45-64 years old in Colorado are obese
  • 43.2% of men in Colorado and 28.5% of women in Colorado are overweight with rates of obesity similar among men and women.
  • 57.4% of Adults in Colorado are overweight or obese

While many of us feel the effects of obesity, it also presents several unseen health and emotional complications.  Thankfully, the gift of medical weight loss holds the power to reduce, even eliminate in some cases, these risks and improve quality of life:

While the benefits of weight loss are well-known, the approach and care given towards medical weight loss is in need of a revolution.