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Happy February Everyone!


We are enjoying the cold weather we are having – if only it would snow!


We are very excited this month with one of our own, Chef Dee, being honored
to cook for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard team at the 2018 Olympics!!
See the story below.


Next month, starting March 13th, we are beginning a series of 5 Cooking Classes
at the Natural Grocers in Golden.  Watch your email for notifications of these classes
so you can get signed up.  These will be hands-on classes where you learn to make
great healthy food.  AND, you get to eat what we all make!  How fun, right?


Looking for a recipe that will warm you up on our cold Winter nights?  We posted our
recipe of the month, “Veggie Packed Apres-Ski Chili,” below.  Click the link below
for ingredients and instructions on how to make it and enjoy!


Read our latest blog post on:  An Action Plan for Men to Reclaim an Active Lifestyle
 below for tips on how to get out and get healthy!


 Healthful Life MD is here to help you make important lifestyle changes and to give
you inspiration, motivation, tips, recipes, and classes to move us all
forward to living healthy lives!

Chef Dee Iraca

Dee Iraca is the founder of Eat Well Chef, and a culinary nutritionist who’s
passionate about healthy food.  She’s a “fooditionist” ~ A foodie at heart
with an obsession for making healthy and delicious food.


“We pride ourselves in making nearly everything from scratch using as much
organic, local and sustainable ingredients as possible.”


A message from Dee: 


I have been honored to cook for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard team at the
2018 Olympics in Seoul, Korea! This is an incredible career opportunity,
but it’s also an extraordinary personal opportunity, since I was born
in Seoul and adopted as a baby (with my twin sis).  I haven’t been
back to Korea, and have dreamed of this my whole life!


Why are you passionate about helping people with weight issues?

My father, who has passed away, experienced almost every health
issue there is: he had Congestive Heart Failure and Type II Diabetes
which caused all kinds of other issues and ultimately resulted in
him losing his life.

That is partly what prompted me to get a degree in Culinary Nutrition.
My father needed to eat better and take care of his body due to these
illnesses he had.   I was helping my mother with his care, and I started
researching about healthy cooking and how to make heavy, unhealthy
food into lighter, healthier food, and still make it delicious and appealing
to everyone, especially my father.


How do you stay healthy and fit?

I enjoy cooking meals for myself and my husband.  We love to eat out
and try new foods, but mostly, I cook for us at home.   I keep up on trends
with regards to foods and products in the marketplace and do research to
make sure they are really healthy and not just a “trend”. I like to run,
do yoga, strength training and practices mindfulness.  It is important
to me to promote and live a healthy lifestyle with everything I do.


Watch for emails on our Healthful Life MD 5 Part Cooking Series starting
next month on March 13th!


You can contact us here at Healthful Life MD if you would like in-home
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cooking classes with Dee.