Meet the Healthful Life MD administrative team, Reece Salinas and Rachel Volk. Reece heads up operations while Rachel executes on Healthful Life MD marketing and business development.

Why are you passionate about helping people with weight loss?

[Reece] I have struggled with weight throughout my life and know first hand how hard it can be to get healthy in the right way. Dr. Abby is so kind and creates a safe space to deal with this important issue. I really love that we get to help people reach their goals and feel healthier in a lasting way.

[Rachel] Hearing success stories about the positive impact Dr. Abby and the Healthful Life MD has had on people’s lives is amazing! I find it fascinating how health and wellness incorporate so many facets and I love the holistic approach Healthful Life MD takes to weight loss.

How do you stay fit and healthy?

[Reece] I work everyday to improve and establish good habits. My favorite activities are long walks with my dog and experimenting with new, healthy (Dr. Abby approved) recipes to keep things interesting.

[Rachel] I love CrossFit! I also enjoy running and doing yoga on occasion. They are such a good complement to the high intensity of CrossFit workouts.

What are some of your personal hobbies outside of work?

[Reece] I am an artist. I love working in my studio creating jewelry, metal sculptures and painting.

[Rachel] I am a mama to three kiddos and love playing the role of “soccer mom” with all their activities. I also sell ZYIA Active premium activewear and love how it allows me to connect with so many amazing people.

What is your go to power breakfast?

[Reece] My favorite breakfast is fresh fruit, flax seeds and cottage cheese.

[Rachel] My go to is eggs with spinach and bacon!

Is there anything else unusual or interesting you’d like to share about yourself?

[Reece] I am currently working on a project turning stones Dr. Abby found on her trip to Iceland into jewelry. I love being able to turn something unique and meaningful into wearable pieces that tell a story and have special meaning to the owner.

[Rachel] My husband and I both graduated from Baylor University in Waco, TX. My hubby was actually classmates with Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper!