“Before starting with Healthful Life, I tried a variety of approaches, including Herbalife, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, even different nutrition systems that felt high-pressure and not a good fit for me.

I found Dr. Abby and Healthful Life MD through an ad for OptiFast. Dr. Abby was so down to earth and calm, with no high-pressure sales pitch. She worked with me to explore how medical weight loss could work for me as a whole person.

I love the discussions I have with Dr. Abby every couple weeks. She is fabulous! We talk about whatever is coming up and she meets me where I’m at when it comes to my goals and my progress. She helped create a bridge between my stomach and my head. The entire team at Healthful Life helped me improve my thinking and push me to be who I knew I could be.

Dr. Abby helps me address all the areas of my health so we can know exactly where I’m at and what to do to give me the best possible help. I know I’m in a much better place with every part of my life because of Dr. Abby and Healthful Life!”