Healthful Life MD announced they have opted out of the Medicare program. As result, they will now be able to accept patients 65-years-old and older. Up until this point, Healthful Life MD has not been able to work with 65+ patients because of Medicare program regulations.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with this new demographic of patient,” said Healthful Life MD founder and head physician Dr. Abby Bleistein. “I have found it heartbreaking to turn patients away simply because they were in the 65+ age group. Now we have the ability to help people of every age get healthy from the inside out, and I could not be more thrilled.”

Healthful Life MD has always used a fee-for-service payment model. This model allows Dr. Abby to deliver comprehensive medical weight loss programs that incorporate a whole team of specialists, such as registered dietitians, certified nutritionists and certified trainers who are not covered under most medical insurance policies or Medicare. This kind of 360-degree approach to patient care has been proven to be the only way to create long lasting weight loss solutions.

Take your first step towards getting healthy from the inside out today! Visit Healthful Life MD online to learn more about comprehensive weight loss solutions and schedule a free consultation with in-house physician, Dr. Abby Bleistein. Or call 720-336-5681 and to ask questions and get your complimentary appointment on the calendar.