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If you could easily make the choices to optimize your health every day?

Raise Your Hand if You:

  • Feel That your Relationship with Food is Holding You Back

  • Allow Your Emotions and Experiences to Guide your Eating Habits

  • Struggle with your Body Image

  • Let Your Insecurities Get in the Way of Living Your Life to the Fullest

Change Your Story with Healthful Life MD’s Food, Feelings, and Freeing Yourself 

With Food, Feelings, and Freeing Yourself You Will:

  • Uncover how your emotions and experiences are limiting your ability to create the healthy lifestyle you desire
  • Learn healthy strategies to manage stress and the ups and downs of life
  • Be empowered to move forward with your goals surrounded by a supportive community
  • Recognize how your emotions influence your eating behaviors
  • Improve the way you feel about your body
  • Improve your ability to make decisions that support your values

You’re Worth Ending this Struggle Once and For All!

Never Leave Home

Each webinar is available from the comfort of your laptop or phone and you can watch it live or recorded.

Without judgment, we bring emotional support, strategies, and structure to help you transform.

Expert Help

Abby Bleistein, MD (Left) Founder of Healthful Life, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine and has been helping people live their healthiest life for more than 20 years.

Dr. Tonya McFarland (Right) is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Psychologist at Healthful Life, MD who has helped individuals overcome struggles with weight, body image, and disruptive eating patterns for more than 15 years.

You’re NOT alone

You’ll be with an intimate group of less than 12 people where you can feel safe to share personal struggles and celebrate triumphs with the support of two doctors. As part of a group, you’ll have other people to talk to and practice the tools with others who “get it.” This will help you remove the shame that can sometimes come when working on your wellness.

Investment in Your Health:

  • $110/month if paid monthly 
  • $97/month if paid quarterly

with the greatest benefit if you commit to a year! Each month we cover new ground and deliver transformative content that:

  • Adds tools to your toolbox
  • Helps you catch yourself when you hit bumps in the road
  • Enables you to practice the tools that you learn with others who care about you
  • Helps you strengthen yourself while developing meaningful, lasting change.

Includes: 1 webinar and 1 support group session each month, plus valuable resources we will share along the way!

Change Your Story and Begin a New Chapter!

Food, Feelings and Freeing Yourself

August 2020 – August 2021

1st Thursdays of the Month is Webinar. Watch anytime   

3rd Thursday of the Month is LIVE Support Group 

2:00 pm EST, 1:00 pm CST, Noon MDT11:00 am PST



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Monthly Topics Include:

  1. The Hunger Monster: Understand and Slay It
    • How hungry or full do I feel?
    • What happens when I become too hungry/full?
    • What is urge surfing?
  2. Your Food Feelings
    • What is emotional eating?
    • How do I know if I am eating for emotional reasons?
    • How do I stop ineffective emotional eating?
  3. Be the Leading Role in Your Life’s Movie
    • What is assertive communication?
    • How do I communicate assertively?
    • How does being assertive help me?
  4. Limits and Letting People Know They’ve Crossed the Line
    • What are boundaries?
    • Roles we play in relationships?
    • Who do I allow into my close circle?
  5.  Tips and Tricks for Tough Times
    • How do I cope with negative emotions?
    • How do I accept my negative emotions?
    • What do I do with my negative emotions without eating?
  6. Get inside Your Head to Get Out of It
    • How my thoughts impact how I feel and what I do.
    • Different types of cognitive distortions.
    • How to recognize and change irrational thoughts.
  1. Soothing Self Care is More than Bubble Baths
    • How do I take care of myself?
    • What are the benefits of practicing regular self care?
    • What does self care really look like?
  2. Am I an Emotional Eater?
    • How has my eating behaviors protected me?
    • How does my weight and body image show up in my life?
    • Understanding the different parts of myself and how they relate to my eating behaviors.
  3. What Does a Body Right?
    • What do I value?
    • How do I live in accordance with my values?
    • Where do my eating behaviors and body image fit into my values?
  4. Body Image Breakdown
    • Where did my body image come from?
    • How do I accept my body?
    • How do I improve the way I see my body?
  5. The Connection between Food and Feelings
    • Food as a metaphor.
    • Why do I crave certain types of food?
    • What memories/situations are associated with different foods?
  6. A Real Life Guide to Relapse
    • Identifying triggers to relapse.
    • What do I need to maintain my recovery and healthy eating habits?
    • How do I plan for relapses?

Includes Group Q&A and Access to Abby Bleistein MD, owner of Healthful Life MD, and Dr. Tonya McFarland, Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist.

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The fine print
Initial commitment is 3 months, as are subsequent renewals. We recommend one year participation to achieve maximum results.

Monthly and quarterly payments are recurring and require a 30-day written notice to cancel.

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