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2-Day Wellness Retreats and Seminars

Harness More Energy and Adopt Patterns to Promote Resilience

Feel vital and live fully with strategies that identify and achieve short and long-term goals. Improve current chronic health conditions to feel and function better and decrease cardiovascular risk, cancer risk, and risk of developing diabetes.

Our workshops are interactive and utilize guided presentations, personal assessment tools, personal stories and shared experience, skills practice, and group learning. Topics listed below.

Dr Abby Healthful Life MD Health Seminar
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Anti-inflammatory Eating Patterns
  • Healthy eating patterns for life-long health
  • Boundary Setting Skills
  • Setting Compelling Goals and Developing a Vision Board
  • Steps to Happiness and leading a fulfilled life
  • Eating Patterns for Cardiovascular Health
  • Fat and Fiber for Healthy Living
  • Establishing Healthy Sleep patterns for keeping well
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Mindful Eating
  • Eating for Energy
  • The problem with sugar
  • Men’s Health, Nutrition and Hormones

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Strategic Goal Setting Seminar Identifies Top 5 Values

Strategic Goal Setting Seminar Identifies Top 5 Values

Mindfully Moving Toward a Highest Self

In this seminar, we identified values and created a vision and set goals that aligned with those values.

We identified powerful goals and deep motivation to help participants to stay on track with their plans.

During the seminar, we used interactive exercises to clarify values and then created a vision aligned with these most meaningful and compelling aspects of their lives. The final product, a personal vision board, can now be used as a visual tool to keep the participants moving toward their highest self.

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September Healthy Eating Patterns Seminar

Toss the Fad Diet, Gain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Good Health Starts With Healthy Eating Patterns.


Dr-Abby-BleisteinIn this nutrition seminar, Dr. Abby will explore the components of a healthy diet, how sugar impacts heart health, and how eating well can help you lose weight, decrease inflammation, and feel great!  She will also examine successful goal setting strategies to make healthy lifestyle change a reality!

Seminar Speaker:  Dr. Abby Bleistein  Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialist

When:      Thursday, September 8, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (MDT)

Where:    Natural Grocers  – 2401 Ford Street, Golden, CO 80401


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Tools for a Healthful Life: 2-Day Retreat

Discover how you can create mindful change in your life on our two-day mountain retreat.


retreatJanuary 14-15

—Two, one-hour sessions per day, total of four sessions

—Two nights of mountian accommodations

—Meals included


Day 1

(Agenda here)

Day 2

(Agenda here)