Create Tasty Meals With Healthful Life Cooking Classes

Cooking good-for-you food may seem bland and uninspiring. Can we change your mind?

Our Healthful Life Cooking Classes will explore the beauty of cooking healthy food and how to prepare tasty, good-for-you meals for your family and friends. Don’t worry- you don’t have to settle for the same recipes every time. We help expand your palate and find new dietary delights to take the mystery out of healthy eating.

Quick and Savvy Cooking Skills to Last a Lifetime

  • Learn to make you own spice blends to add flavor to a quick weekday meal
  • Learn to make your own dressings to increase your variety and interest in salads at home
  • Improve your knife skills to make cooking at home safer, faster, and more efficient
  • Cook fish that doesn’t taste ‘fishy’
  • Increase your variety of healthy carbohydrates
  • Explore healthy fats to add flavor and richness to your diet
  • Maximize vegetables with a variety of cooking methods and serving suggestions

Get ready to step into the Healthful Life Kitchen at our next cooking class. Space is limited, so save your spot today!

Upcoming Cooking Classes

September Healthy Eating Patterns Seminar

Toss the Fad Diet, Gain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Good Health Starts With Healthy Eating Patterns.


Dr-Abby-BleisteinIn this nutrition seminar, Dr. Abby will explore the components of a healthy diet, how sugar impacts heart health, and how eating well can help you lose weight, decrease inflammation, and feel great!  She will also examine successful goal setting strategies to make healthy lifestyle change a reality!

Seminar Speaker:  Dr. Abby Bleistein  Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialist

When:      Thursday, September 8, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (MDT)

Where:    Natural Grocers  – 2401 Ford Street, Golden, CO 80401


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Healthful Life MD Healthy Eating Series

Make Your Vegetables Sing!


girl-picking-vegetables-300x200by Dr. Abby L. Bleistein, and Chef Jamie Daugherty

March 11th, 2016 – 5:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $75/person or child over 10 with their grownup- $125/couple

In this class, as food for thought, Justin Ross, licensed clinical psychologist from MindBodyHealth, will discuss mindfulness and meditation for life-long wellness. The class will then explore the seasonality of vegetables–the nutritional and flavor benefits of eating vegetables in season. With hands-on instruction, we will create a bright, flavorful, anti-oxidant rich frittata, fast enough for breakfast every day of the week. We will learn to make a basic vinaigrette dressing and explore the versatility of the dressing as we develop exciting flavors with different vinegars and herbs. We will create a salad that is anything but boring, good for lunch or for an impressive meal with friends. We will learn a fail-proof method to roast vegetables to maximally enhance flavors. We will create a healthy lunch and dinner plate which will make getting your 5 servings of vegetables daily seem like an adventure rather than a chore. Our Chef instructors, from Johnston and Wales University, will be teaching proper knife skills in this course so you will be on your way to preparing healthy, tasteful meals quickly and easily to enjoy everyday!

Please bring to this class a cutting board, a chef’s knife, and a paring knife and be prepared to cook!