Aline Had Struggled With Weight for Many Years

Aline, a kind and genuine woman, has always struggled with weight loss. For as long as she could remember she was overweight and experienced a low level of self-confidence. She, along with many other people in our country, was under the impression that this is just how it is. Aline struggled to keep her motivation up and would want to give up when she wasn’t getting immediate results. It came to the point where the extra weight was just a part of life and something that she would have to deal with forever. 

It wasn’t as though Aline hadn’t tried things to lose weight. She had tried countless programs, the Paleo diet, the Mediterranian diet, weight loss groups, and more. None of the above were effective or brought long-term change. 

“I often found that I would try something and then would gain even more weight back than before. It was a never-ending cycle.”– Aline

Making a Change for Her Health and Her Weight Loss 

Aline was born in a different country and moved to the United States as a young adult. When she came to America she was looking to invest in herself and make a healthy change for her life… it was time to finally get the weight off once and for all! When doing some research online, Aline came across and read over Dr. Abby’s individualized approach. Aline appreciated how this approach was backed up by research and all changes have been statistically proven for effectiveness. 

The Difference of Healthful Life’s Approach

As Aline began her journey with Healthful Life MD, she noticed certain components within this approach that set herself up for success. The support system throughout her weight loss journey at Healthful Life was incredibly important to Aline. 

“Dr. Abby is a highly empathetic physician. With this empathy, she remained honest and direct with me on how I was going to reach health and my goals. I always felt comfortable with her and  never felt judged; she always met me where I was at.”- Aline 

Aline is so appreciative of the “whole” approach that Dr. Abby takes. Personal training, nutrition work, health psychology, and Dr. Abby’s support were all needed components of her weight loss journey. 

Aline’s Life-Long Results

Aline came out of the Healthful Life MD program with a very important lesson. This lesson has helped her maintain her health and her weight after going through the program. 

“The most important thing that I have learned from Healthful Life MD is that everything I have changed throughout the program is now a lifetime change. The changes don’t just last for 4 weeks or 12 weeks.  I have changed my perspective on this being my lifestyle.” -Aline

Aline remains in good health to this day. Each day is another part of her health journey and her mindset has changed accordingly. The HLMD program brought Aline an invaluable change that will help her live a longer, happier life.