What We Do

For Children and Adolescents

We are seeing an epidemic of overweight and obesity among children. We know that obesity not only affects a child’s current and future health, but it also greatly impacts their sense of self and well-being. A recent study examined quality of life scores among children and found that not only did obese children have lower quality of life scores than their normal weight peers, but their scores were similar to children who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Helping children and adolescents lose weight is a very complex and specialized problem. As a board certified pediatrician, I know the complexities of the medical and nutritional care of children. We offer a children’s program that will help children and adolescents transition from their current diet to a healthy diet. For children who are still growing, we can help them maintain their weight and become more fit and healthy, so they will no longer be obese. Kids in our program will be active participants in their health, including learning to prepare healthy foods that they love to eat.
The behavioral challenges that face overweight children are as varied as children themselves and our program will structure a personalized program to address their specific needs.

For Adults

We offer a totally individualized program

  • A detailed medical assessment to understand exactly where we’re starting
  • A food plan that is customized for your needs and goals
  • A tailored exercise and activity plan that fits your lifestyle
  • Customized and on-going medical support to address any health challenges, including prescribing medications as needed

We surround you with a team of highly experienced experts, making us your one stop shop for wellness changes

Board certified physician in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obesity Medicine
Dr. Abby Bleistein

CN–Certified Nutritionist
John Friedstein, CN – Certified Nutritionist

Registered Dieticians
Lindsay Jones, MS, RD – Registered Dietitian
Liz Daeninck, MS, RD – Registered Dietitian

Health Psychologists, Behavioral Health Specialists
Amy Robinson Ikelheimer, Ph.D.
Justin Ross, Psy.D.

Fitness Trainers
Priscilla McElveen, Certified Trainer, Exercise Therapist

We teach you lifelong habits, focusing on the journey, not just the weight loss

  • Shopping and pantry stocking tips
  • Hands on cooking classes to learn new recipes and ideas
  • Behavioral coaching and changes
  • Ongoing fitness coaching