Our Values and What We Believe

Our Vision

We believe in living lives of meaning and balance. At Healthful Life MD we want to help people change their lives – to live richer, fuller, and more active lives and to feel healthy and comfortable in their bodies.

Our Mission

We partner with men and women in their 40s and 50s who have between 30 and 70 pounds to lose because of life transitions caused by work stress and travel, business meals and family responsibilities. The women we serve have tried the group approach, which failed them. The men we serve want to increase their energy levels and become more active again. We believe the group approach to weight loss is not effective, which is why we provide our personalized, compassionate, and judgment-free medical approach to weight loss.

Our Five Core Values

We believe in five core values that inspire us
in our partnership with patients.

01 | Health

We want our patients to live their fullest lives with more energy, joy, possibility, experiences, courage, and confidence. We teach about nutrition and fitness while monitoring various medical levels, such as blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney and liver function, and body composition. We also address the impact of stress, mood, sleep, connection with others, and work and how each of these influencers affect our health and wellness.

02 | Empathy

We approach the medical condition of obesity without judgment. We support our patients in reaching their goals by meeting them where they are, facing challenges with them, solving problems as a team, and celebrating successes together.

03 | Balance

We respect all aspects of health and their role in developing physical, mental, and spiritual resilience.

04 | Community

Our collective team of medical nutrition experts help patients every step of the way with personalized and comprehensive treatment for weight loss. Our message is consistent in how we communicate with each other and with our patients. We want our patients to know our team is supporting them at every stage of their journey.

05 | Making a difference

We strive to create a significant positive impact on everyone we serve. We believe people will live longer and better with the changes we help them achieve. It energizes us to continue making a difference.