“Before Dr. Abby, I couldn’t lose weight if my life depended on it, which it kind of did. I will be forever grateful to her and will always admire her expertise and incredible knowledge. Together with their nutritionist Liz D. they pulled off a pretty incredible feat, with the odds strongly against them. I am so lucky to have found these incredible people, that are so accomplished at their work, and are so caring and kind.” – Jerry S.

“I’ve worked with Abby for years. She’s smart, extremely caring, and gets results. I can’t think of anyone better to partner with for a life change.”

–Jeff Richker, MD, Pediatrician


“According to the latest National Health and Nutrition Survey, more than 2 in 3 adults are considered overweight, 1 in 3 are obese, and 1 in 20 are considered to have extreme obesity. I fall into the last category.

Anyone can diet for at least a week or two, but to change your whole dietary lifestyle is a totally different matter! If Dr. Abby Bleistein had not been as positive and encouraging as she was, I may not have made it. With the coaching and educational tid-bits I received at each visit, I lost 43 pounds in a little less than 6 months.

When I reached a plateau for several months after that, Dr. Abby kept encouraging me for every positive move I made, and pointed out the good progress even when I did not see it. Although I may simply have been maintaining my weight, I did not gain. My outlook on this newly found lifestyle was broadening. I learned about habits – how to break poor ones and build new ones – and I learned to pay attention to my eating patterns. Through the insightful education (and I ate this information up!), compassionate coaching, nutritional training, and listening to my own body rhythms, I knew when I was eating well.

Everyone responds differently, but Dr. Abby helped the “whole me”, so much so that my asthma and severe skins issues began to clear up! She is still coaching me, but ultimately I have to keep up the good habits she has helped me to establish.”

–Deb B.


“Dr. Abby has been my Physician for the past three years. I have a great deal of respect for her skill. When I asked for help with weight loss, she was very supportive and encouraged me in a way that made me think I could do it. I had had little success previously with weight loss, and at 71 years of age was skeptical wither it was even possible. I lost 50 pounds under her care. I attribute this to Dr. Abby’s continued positive feedback and patience that prodded me on. I highly recommend Dr. Abby.”

–Joanne S.


“I have been working with Dr. Abby since my girls were born five years ago. My husband and I have always felt so grateful to have her for our Peds doc. She’s an amazing doctor and person. I have also started using Dr. Abby for my primary care doctor not too long after starting my girls with her.  After two babies back to back my body was struggling to lose weight.  Dr. Abby was able to help me get the weight program I needed to adjust my body to finally start letting it go. Though it has been a tough battle, she encouraged me and was supportive to all my needs.”

–Kiara K.


“Just over a year ago I made the decision I really needed to lose some weight and get healthy. I went to see Dr Bleistein and she not only helped me lose almost 40 pounds. She taught me how to love myself and not feel guilty.  She helped me make good food choices and today I still feel I have been successful.”

–Bethany Q.

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