Recently, Healthful Life MD began offering Robard’s New Direction meal replacement products. 

Why the Switch from Optifast? 

Reason 1: Robard’s products, unlike other meal replacements, don’t contain artificially derived aspartame, but instead feature: 

·           Stevia Leaf Extract – plant based sweetener 

·          Monk Fruit Extract – an Asian fruit 

·          Fructose – a low glycemic sugar derived from sugar cane, sugar beets and maize

Reason 2: Robard products contain probiotics

If your only experience with probiotics was when Jamie Lee Curtis lauded Activia, bear with us. They’re not just a fad. Probiotics are commonly known as helpful bacteria. Our body normally has helpful bacteria and harmful bacteria and keeping a balance between them is necessary for optimal health.

Probiotics can help with sustaining muscle energy and resulting in less muscle soreness after activity. Additional benefits are better digestive health, including reducing abdominal pain and bloating. 

Reason 3: Robard New Directions Taste Great!  

We know it’s hard to prove taste with a blog post but we’re pretty confident in our tastebuds and that of our clients. We wouldn’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. After all, choosing a better tasting, less sacchriney sweet products means that clients will find it more pleasurable to complete the Active Weight Loss Phase where these meal replacements are key. 

Reason 4: Robard’s New Directions Line = More choices with higher protein and lower carb content. 

Clients taking in reduced calories benefit when more of their total calorie count is made up of protein. Why? Increased Protein = More Satiety. Just ask someone who ate cereal for breakfast vs. someone who ate only eggs. An hour or so later, the cereal eater is looking for their next sugary fix while the egg eater can still concentrate on the task at hand. 

Furthermore, a number of studies have reported that compliance with high protein diets has been easier for participants to maintain over longer time periods, which may have a greater impact on sustained weight loss.  

These are the 5 reasons we think Robard’s New Directions meal replacments are a good fit for our busy clients who need to stay on track in their wellness journey. 

Not sure if meal replacement is right for you? Every client is unique and an initial consultation can help you decide if meal replacement is the right choice. 

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